Humans Leashed

We Leash Our Dogs Because It's The Law… But Why Do We Leash Ourselves? Imagine living life unleashed?  Self-doubt is the same as a leash.  It’s what stops us every day from being who we "REALLY" want to be, and doing what we "REALLY" want to do! SELFDOUBTHave you ever seen a dog (or any other animal) being unleashed or unshackled?  It's beautiful. Their emotions can be felt just by the way they react.  You know they feel FREE. Unfortunately, for the animals, being leashed, chained, shackled, or caged isn't their choice, but we DO have a choice. We are so lucky, yet most of us choose to live a life leashed. I made a commitment to myself that I would stop doubting myself. Instead, believe I can have what I want.  I choose to live my life unleashed.  I want you to make the same commitment to yourself. Starting today, will you open your mind, let yourself dream, and believe all things are possible?  Free yourself of any self-doubt and start living the beautiful life you were meant to!


Shivani Cotter

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