The Hungry Nomad

The Hungry Nomad is a collection of food, travel and cooking stories. Most of our adventures take place in North America and Europe. 
Name: The Hungry Nomad (Tala)
Location: In (permanent) transit
I am a lawyer who spends my nights dreaming of food and travel and days planning my next meal/trip. Besides lawyering, I am a freelance writer, food and travel blogger and self-proclaimed professional cook. I am a Canuck who followed the tradition of the great Canadian geese by migrating south of the border. I currently split my time between Vancouver, Miami, New York and Philadelphia. This blog was started while living in New Orleans. The dining scene was so incredible it was hard not to share the experience.

Name: The Dutch Nomad (Kim)
Location: The Netherlands & South East Europe (Greece)
Hi. I am Kim! I will be bringing you flavors, fragrances and views from Europe, occasionally wandering to other parts of the globe. Kim is an old nautical word for horizon and so honoring my name, I am always happily broadening my horizons. Passionate about human rights professionally, some of my personal loves include travels, tasty treats, pretty pictures and sewing & stitching sweet little gifts.