Hunting. Killing. Kids. Food.

Yesterday I went for a run along my usual route.

Around familiar corners and through the prettiest neighborhood I came across a car with a sticker on the back that said, "It takes a HUNTER to make a HUNTER!" and below, "Become a hunting mentor."

In the backseat was a gigantic rubber turkey. I jumped, it looked so real.

I jumped and then I made a face.

A disgusted face.

I hate dead things and I really hate hunting.

I know all the usual reasons that people are pro-hunting.

  1. People hunt for their food; food that's free from man-made "intervention."
  2. Hunters aid our economy by millions through licenses and taxes and fees.
  3. Hunting is considered "conservation," keeping populations of animals from becoming disproportionate.
  4. It "helps" the animals whose habitats have declined due to pesky humans taking over their land. We pesky humans are doing them a favor, because they'd suffer and die from not having access to foods that they'd normally find in their natural environment.
  5. Some people believe hunting is a healthy sport for families, because it keeps kids off of computers.
  6. And last, but not least, death is a part of life.

That last one, I know is true.

I'm a fair-minded kind of girl. If it floats your boat and you're not hurting anyone (do animals count?), then go ahead and do it.

But I'm stuck on the killing part.

Isn't killing bad?

Just now I fed my kids rolled up turkey slices with apples and crackers.

Kid A asked if turkey was ham, to which I responded, "No, turkey's a bird. Ham is a pig."

Kid B said, "So do they kill the pig to make the ham?"

"Um. Yes. Yes, they do."

"So do we put the pig in the oven and bake it?"

"Um. Um. Yes. Yes, we do."

And as I watched them eat their organically fed "healthy" turkey rolls I realize that I'm a hypocrite.

Must go now ... off to defrost a chicken for dinner, whilst figuring out how I can live with myself.


I recognize that hunting and raising animals for human consumption are different processes. But it's all killing, no matter how you slice it. Thoughts?

A hen names Duchess. Totally un-edible.


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