Hurricane Comfort Food: Baked Chicken & Rice

We don't experience hurricanes often in the Northeast. We're better equipped for blizzards. But Hus and I heeded the warnings and stocked up on provisions and water, charged our gadgets, and made sure we were not in an evacuation zone (read : how to prepare your apt for hurricanes). Then, we waited for the storm to hit.

It's a mess out there, and that's an understatement. Luckily, our power is still on (for the moment) and we have a gas-powered stove, so I decided to cook a proper dinner. Hus bought his favorite kind of chicken (drumsticks on the bone - not my fave) a few days ago and has eyed it ever since. Using the oven helped cut into the biting chill whipping through our window panes. We also relocated to the bedroom (with a sad, twin-sized bed caddy-cornered away from the windows) because when you live in an urban setting, windows are pretty much unavoidable and ours sound like they will probably crack before the night is over. Our new pull out sofa bed will have to stay folded up for tonight. Our safety trumps comfort any day.

Comforting Chicken & Rice

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To others affected by Hurricane Sandy, I hope you and your loved ones are safe tonight and wish you well. I've tweeted like a mad, crazy lady and thought it more prudent to share this recipe with you instead of losing more followers. This dish will fill you up without the guilt and is a cozy family meal when so much chaos is happening outside. It's incredible how much warm, wholesome food can make a person feel better psychologically. The rice would be good on its own with an extra side of veggies. It took some time, but there was not much else for me to do around here anyway! Hus definitely appreciated it. Take care over these next few days!


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