Hurricane ME

It was one of 'those' days...or maybe it's been one of those weeks. The days have kind of run together lately.

The point husband and I are right in the middle of of life's little blessings. ♥

Ok - that sounded sarcastic...probably because it was.

It's these transition times - times of change - that give you the opportunity to grow and discover your relationship muscles. Blah blah blah. Can't we just go back to the way it was?

Guess can't. 

I had held my emotions at bay as long as I could (not that my husband wasn't fully aware that there was a storm brewing).  Then one night this week I looked at him and just asked...'are you happy?'

There it was....the hurricane of emotions had come ashore.  Hurricanes are not like tornadoes which develop quickly and many times, hit when people are totally unaware. Hurricanes evolve slowly and grow stronger with each stage but you do have advance warning and can prepare.

I imagine my husband had been preparing.

Here are the stages of development for a hurricane:

1.       Disturbance

2.       (Tropical) Depression - has at least one isobar (Point of equal pressure)

3.       Storm - Sustained surface winds are becoming 'organized'

4.       All hell breaks loose

If you live in an area that is susceptible to hurricanes you learn very early to have a Survival Plan.

1.       Board up your house to keep the windows and doors from being blown in.

2.       Evacuate (if you can) - simply stated....move to higher ground

3.       Secure your most precious belongings

4.       Have an emergency kit available

As the winds of Hurricane ME blew all around I took shelter in my husband's calm.

I was in a safe place with him. We didn't 'evacuate' - leave the situation - but together we moved to an emotional 'higher ground'. We faced the storm and the potential danger together. He held me as I cried the beating rain of a hurricane . I knew that this storm would pass and I, his most precious belonging, was secure.

As for the emergency sure it includes chocolate. Mine had cookies!

If you've ever been through a real hurricane (and I have) something  amazing happens once the hurricane has passed. The skies seem clearer than you've ever seen. It's incredible!

Be prepared, hold on tight, move to higher ground....and soon, the sun will come out.

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