I have eleven minutes to write this post before I have to get the kids up, feed them breakfast, and stuff them into their clothes, all while praying my daughter doesn't have another one of her "I'm too sick/tired/grouchy/worried to go to school" mornings.  Yes, prayer helps.

It's been crazy busy here.  I'm at the gym or at the pool or running outside four or five evenings a week.  I need to get my next 12 weeks of activity prep done before the end of next week (3 done, 9 to go).  We have a lot of family birthdays upcoming, a lot of kids' parties to attend.  It's Cold Season.  And Christmas looms.

I'm so grateful to my friends for the couple of hours of unadulterated laughter they give me every week.  And to my husband for the time after the kids go to bed when we can look at each other and talk to each other at the same time.

So, here's the progress report:

Green Quest
I've fallen in love with Lush Cosmetics bar shampoo.  It has a mild fragrance, doesn't make my head itch (I have very sensitive skin), is packaged without plastic (LOVE the little round tins), and contains no petrochemicals or other compressed dinosaur residue.  We are done buying bottled shampoo.  Also?  Their R & B leave-in conditioner kicks ass.

The Diva Cup is a hit.  Zero leakage.  Requires far less maintenance than pads and tampons.  And NO WASTE!  Can I get a hallelujah?  The only thing I would change about the Diva Cup is the packaging.  It's sold in a printed cardboard box with an insert that holds the cup in place so you can see it on the shelf.  Considering their market, all that packaging is excessive.  No one is going to buy it for what it looks like.  And the stem on the bottom of the cup?  Like many in the blogosphere, I cut mine off.  I found that it interfered with insertion, and stuck out farther than was comfortable for me.  Also?  After using my fingers to stick something into my hoo-hah, I wash my hands.  It's okay if they get a little dirty.  Really.

In terms of household cleaning products, we're using petrochemical-free dish soap, home-made all-purpose cleaner (vinegar, water, dish soap, essential oils), and washing the floors and wood furniture with Murphy's Oil Soap.  The house smells cleaner, we're saving some money, and the trees are grateful.  Next up?  Dinosaur-free laundry soap.

And, I've broken out the old refillable pod for my Keurig.  No more little plastic K-Cups.  And no more coffee-stained finger tips from tearing the foil and filter off the top so the little cup can be recycled.

Life List:
Still working on the breast-stroke/flailing beetle technique.  I'll get it if it fucking kills me.


Also, I've tried mu-shu pork, rice and bean tostadas, and I've found a mild curry recipe that I can feed my husband without killing him.  (At least, that's the plan.)

Time's up.  One day I'll tell you about everything that's wrong with Birthday Gift Shopping at the World's Biggest Mall on Halloween.


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