Husbands...They Try So Hard

So, since this is Wisconsin and it only began to warm up in June (I think, the thermometer in my car read 53 degrees today), sunblock hasn't been at the top of my list yet. But, paypal was running a special for (spend $20 and get $10 off, WOO HOO) so I got onto the EWG's (Environmental Working Group) sunblock guide so that I could find the safest sunblocks, within our budget and have my order ready to be placed come pay day. Well, with family coming into town I kind of forgot about it. I mentioned in passing that I never got sunblock for Zola and Ajay as they are heading to PA for 2 weeks and will be spending a lot of time in the pool.

My mom's husband told me not to worry about it because they have plenty of Banana Boat at their place. To this I cringed and rightfully so, when I got on the computer this evening I typed in "Banana Boat" into the EWG's Skin Deep Database and I don't think that they have anything that scores better than a "6" which on this site means a pretty high hazard.

Perry was sitting there during this conversation and I guess he had the same thought as I was having because he came home from the grocery store all proud of himself because he bought this...
I gave him my overly used line of "Are you kidding me?" To which he answerd, "But it says natural." I got on my phone and searched it's score and was somewhat happy that it was a "3." I can handle that for two weeks I guess. A 3 is much better than a 6! But, being the pain in the ass wife that I am I didn't mention this to him and just decided to run him on a guilt trip (that didn't work by the way) and tell him that he was just laying the pavement for his children to have cancer later in life by buying this stuff. He then told me he had a great idea of where I could stick this bottle of sunblock. Yes, this is how we opperate.

When we are hanging around the house, which is very often since I have a gas guzzling Tahoe, I just try to avoid going out in the sun at the worst times of the day and just avoid the sunblock all together. For the times when we do need to be out and my very blonde and very fair skinned children need some protection this is what I purchased for this summer...

Both of these scored a "1" on the EWG list and I am hoping that between the cream for 4 bodies and the stick for 4 faces it will get us through the summer.


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