Hustler's getting over on single moms

Don't you just hate it when u notice that someone is trying to get over on women with kids? It's either someone begging for change on the corner, or just simply scheming. I was recently in a sistuation where the guy said that he could get me up to $6000, in my account, all I have to do is get a greendot moneypak card and load up to $600 on it. Well, he did convince me to load something, but it wasn't nothing but $100. I wasn't, at the time, aware of the moneypak scams that are obviously all over the internet so I got scammed out of $100. I was thinking like, yeah money for me and my kids to move and have some extra for shopping, but no he had other plans. I texted this guy explaining my situation and how I really needed my money, how I'm a struggling single mother of 4 and he's not only taking from me he's taking from my children. I still have yet to recieve a response. So to all other parents who are desperate for money, please dont fall for just anything and when someone is asking for your money be very careful who u give it to.

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