We’re all flawed – fact of life.

But then there are those who preach against hypocrisy, and claim they are flawless,

Demonstrating to the world the extent of their perfection,

Pointing fingers at sinners, judging them in every way,

Veils on their heads, seeking people’s approval,

Politeness marking their voices, in pursuit of acceptance,

First ones at your door when you're in your time of need,

Helpful when you need them but you can't help but notice,

Whenever they are around, the conversations are about them,

Fishing for your compliments, like a child begging for candy,

But despite all your words, all your efforts to instill a sense of self-worth,

Your words aren't enough, they are just stripped from confidence,

Their biggest fear is being stigmatized,

So they force themselves to fit in, become the darlings of society,

Indulge in judging people, and set standards for conformity,

But secretly they are the opposite of this very conformity,

Such darkness in their hearts, nothing like you’ve seen before,

Waiting for a chance, when all the rules can be broken,

Becoming the very person they once ruthlessly arbitrated,

Without a care in the world, about what’s right or what’s wrong,

In fact come tomorrow, they would do it all over again,

And then gossip and chitchat, and pass callous judgments,

Not oblivious to their own flaws, they are fully aware,

Despite that very fact, the hypocrisy continues…

It’s a cycle, a vicious cycle of pretentiousness and posing,

To the world, they are flawless, not an error in sight,

Veiled hair, polite speech and the preaching never ceases,

What a cycle, so pretentious, so fake, so deceitful!

And the sad part is no one sees it, it’s such a programmed affectation,

And the cycle never ends, as it just picks up again,

Lying once again, with failed attempts of conformity,

Blaming their hypocrisy on the mandates of society,

Reasoning their insincerity with known customs and traditions,

Claiming their duplicity is a cultural dictation,

But I ask- Are your hearts so weak?

Allowing you to submit to your own cultural conspiracy theories?

Feeble enough to consent to take on such a dark path?

And walk along that gloomy road pretending it's so vivid?

If so, then I guess I'll prepare myself for your show,

I'll see a veiled head, a polite smile and a fakeness of respect,

But I'll know for sure soon as I turn my back, I'll be the victim of your judgment.


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