I’m 45 years old and I do not have a college degree. Is it worth it for me to go back to school to get a better job?

Women’s life expectancies are 65-80 years old and the working expectation age of Americans will be until the age of 70.  Women who are 45 years old have approximately 32 years to work, a Bachelors degree takes 4 year to complete full-time or 6 years part-time on average to finish.  After completion of a Bachelor’s degree women would still have 26/28 years to work.  Understanding how many years’ women may have to work, middle aged women need to think about their future in the terms of  job satisfaction, learning experiences, family issues and financial success over the next 26/28 years before going back to school.  

Some things to think about:

  • Is the financial debt from student loans worth an education
  • How long and what payment will be required on student loans
  • What if an education does not increase opportunities as I expected
  • What are the time obligation required

Although the idea of returning to school is an exciting adventure it can also be very stress.   There are many issues that must be considered before taking the leap.  These issues include:

  • Transportation
  • Financial aid
  • Work obligations

If women have a family the issues increase:

  • Child care
  • Children’s before and after school activities
  • Holidays, vacations, and school days off
  • Spouse/partner issues

Understanding and planning for issues that will affect women’s education experience is a necessity. 

My advice:   Yes, an education can benefit women at any age in various ways.  The experience may increase job opportunities which will increase income.  With the added income women can plan for retirement, increase financial support for her family and improve her personal living conditions.   

**Remember, educating yourself must be a personal goal not used for financial success or personal status; it may not work out for you.



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