I’m a Damn Good Mother for Medicating My Child!

I think it’s interestin­g that people believe that parents drug their kids because a psychiatri­st who wants to make money encouraged it or that some big pharmaceutical company influenced us with their fancy commercials. Or even more insulting, because we’re lazy parents who don’t have patience for our boy to be a “real boy”. In reality, parents who face this decision are terrified to put their child on medication and often wait longer than they should. I know this because I’ve had to face this decision myself with my 10 year old son.

About 2 years ago, we started our son on bipolar medication after trying everything else. It hasn’t been an easy journey and it came with many scary decisions that were not taken lightly. But for the first time in his life he now feels happiness. He even shared that he feels “born again”. This may seem insignific­ant to most, but for us, his medication­s have changed his life for the better and have given him the opportunit­y to be a kid. 

Prior to medication­, he complained of having two brains, sharing that “the bad side is taking over the good side and making me do bad stuff”. He’s lived the past 4 years with depression, anxiety and rapid mood swings where his moods switched every few seconds ending with him slamming his head into the ground, begging for help. He’s had violent rages that take him over, causing him to destroy property and abuse his family and has had excessive energy bringing him to tears because he can’t control himself. He’s heard voices and seen monsters for episodes lasting up to 30 minutes and on more than one occasion he’s wanted to kill himself with a knife.

Our son is not neglected or unloved. We’re not lazy parents who aren’t up for the job. The doctors didn’t push us to put our child on medication. Instead, we’ve met with multiple doctors, psychiatrists and therapists before making any decision to medicate. Our son is a child with a mental illness who is deeply loved by his family. After dragging him out of the street when he wanted to be hit by a car, he begged us to take him to the doctor so he could “get some medicine because his brain was not working right”. Being the good parents we are, we responded to his cry for help and allowed him the opportunity to feel well again.

Today, we’re incredibly grateful that our child has medical care available that can improve his life, without it, he may not be here with us today. I know that we’re excellent parents who give our son love, discipline and quality time, but love is not enough for mental illness. For those who look down on me because I medicate my son, I would like to clarify that I’m a damn good mother for medicating my son.

Before you judge me, I would like to ask you the following question... would you also judge a parent for allowing their child to go through chemo, knowing that millions are made in profit? What about medication for diabetes or kidney disease? Why is my child’s illness any different?

* * *

I’m a mother of 3 young boys, the oldest suffering from Bipolar 1 Disorder. I write a blog to let go of my pain and to help support others by letting them know they’re not alone.