I Also Don't Let Her Wear Scalps On Her Belt

A couple months ago, Adelaide opened her mouth to say something, and I noticed something strange.


She had two rows of teeth on the bottom.


Because I possess such a logic-driven brain, my first, panicked thought was, Why is our daughter turning into a shark?

Then reason took over and I realized her adult teeth had simply grown in behind the baby teeth, and no wonder- Adelaide had classmates losing teeth her first week of preschool, but here she was, weeks before first grade, all those milk teeth still in her mouth.


I checked her front baby teeth, and one was pretty loose.



After months of wiggling that loose tooth, it was all but ready to fall out.  When she pushed it with her tongue, it fell forward and just kind of hung there by a small scrap of gum.  A few nights ago she asked me to pull it, but it wasn't until last night that I finally gave in.  We tight a piece of thread around it, and after a couple false starts, it was finally free:  She had lost her first tooth.


We cleaned it up, and started talking about placing it under her pillow.  I followed her into her bedroom, and as she climbed up to her top bunk, she asked, "What will the tooth fairy do with my tooth?"  Then she gave me a sideways, sardonic glance and added, "I know you're the tooth fairy, by the way."




"Well, she'll probably put it in a little bag, then stick it in your baby book."


At that point she did something that I should probably have learned to expect by now, but still often catches me by surprise:  She burst into tears.


"Adelaide!  Why are you crying?"


*Sob, hiccup, sob*  "I don't want you to put my tooth in my baby book!"  *Sob, sob*


"Why not?"


"B-b-b-because, I wanted to make a fun craft with it!" she wailed.


"Adelaide, no.  NO.  I will not allow you to be the kid who walks around the playground with jewelry MADE OF TEETH."


Due to the sudden increase in volume of her weeping, I'm pretty sure I'd guessed right about which particular "fun craft" she'd had in mind for her tooth.



I gotta say, so far this is shaping up to be a pretty special year.

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