I Am An __________

Last night as I was trying to go to sleep my mind was working a bit overtime.  In fact, It took a good hour for me to finally doze off, and it was a fitful sleep.   

While tossing and turning my mind went to what I accomplished yesterday.  I signed a painting, started a few more and felt like I had finally come into my own.   

I have always wanted a title, an accountant, a lawyer, a teacher...something. 

Sometimes when I read obituaries some of the "older" ladies are listed as "housewives!"  In this day and time more women are working women so you don't see the term as often.  I have told the family, on numerous occasions that I would come back and haunt them if they put that in my obit.  I am much more than a housewife.  I am an office manager, partner in a business, scheduler, bookkeeper, planner, chef, etc.  I mean these things as all of women do, whether you work outside the home or not.  We ALL WORK!  I've been very proud that I was able to raise my children by being as close to a stay at home mother as possible while also enjoying the labors of have a job too.  Being self employed with The Hubby has given me that opportunity to pretty much set my hours to be with my kinds.  It has been a perfect "marriage." 

With all that in mind, on my profile I list all of these assets with a bit about why I am called Jill of All Trades.  I talk about my ability to do a ton of stuff fairly well but not perfect and the fact that I tend to jump around with projects.  Whether it is a bit of ADD or the Gemini, Twin thing going on I have my fingers in all kinds of pots.  I've also listed that I now call myself an artist but that has been with a bit of apprehension.  I truly have not felt that I am even though I list it.  Yesterday, I felt that I was an artist.  I have come to realize that I have finally, FINALLY found a talent that I do very, very well.  Something that I can get paid for and noticed.  It is an exhilarating feeling I can tell you to know that I am an ARTIST! 



I have done a few sketches of my friend Harri's sweet doggies that have passed recently in the hopes of trying to paint them.  Yesterday I started.  I have sort of promised to try and paint a family grouping for a friend from high school and started that this week in class.  I have to say even I can't believe I have done what I have done.  

I finally have a title.  

I am an ARTIST!


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