I Am An Artist At 50

I vividly recall my seventh grade teacher telling me that I was not cut out to be an artist. She told me that I was terrible at drawing perfect geometrical objects and coloring within the lines. I had always wanted to be an artist. My mother was such a wonderful artist and I watched her create some of the most beautiful art pieces I had ever seen. I wanted so much to be like my mother and becoming an artist was my dream. However, when I was discouraged by my middle school teacher, I never again picked up a crayon or paint brush for the next 36 years.

I was introduced to a new form of therapy for military veterans suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). It’s called Art Therapy. I had unsuccessfully tried group therapy and individual therapy. Although I had great reservations about art stemming from my middle school experience, I decided to give this therapy a chance. I needed help dealing with my PTSD and I believed this would be my last resort other than massive doses of anti-depressants. My life has forever changed.

May 2013 will be the month I will celebrate forever. My art therapist, E.M., was and continues to be the most inspirational person in my success as an artist. My first artwork was very questionable and chaotic. E.M. used world music as the back drop for our creativity. No one was allowed to comment about the artwork created. We were allowed to create however and with whatever we chose. I had never felt so free. Along with creating art, we were encouraged to journal before (Intention) and after (Witness and Reflection). Although I have always written poetry, prose, essays, short stories, and recently, a novel, this form of journaling has helped improve my artist creativity including my writing.

The Girl Who Never Was



So, for the middle school teacher who told me I was not an artist, you were wrong. I was an artist then and I am an artist now. At 50, I am more creative than I thought I could be. The second half of my life will be filled with beautiful and vibrant colors that I will share with the world. I am an ARTIST!

To see more of my artwork, visit www.queenofthepenbooks.com/qotp-artwork/.


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