The downside of Christmas

I am truely upest and ashamed of my fellow Christians.  I realize that Christmas is an important time for many, especialy Christians who are celebrating the birth of  their savior Jesus Christ.  He is my savior as well, but you won't find me shopping on black friday.  Every year there is some horror story about a holiday shopper being trampled at a walmart or similar store, because people were so anxious to get inside to get the good deals for Christmas.  No one stops to help this poor person.  No one takes their hand.  No one shouts out STOP and help this poor man/woman.  Where is your Christianly virtues on this, the most important holliday season of the Christian year?  And this year is no different.  A woman threatens those in line at a Toys r' Us store.  She cut in front of hundreds of shoppers, and then threatened to shoot them if they didn't leave her alone.  It was all over a toy for her daughter, and what does this woman say about it?  "I just wanted to get my daughter the toy that she wanted for Christmas, which probably won't be there when I go today."  Seriously?  I will not be a part of it any more.  I am an American, and a Christian, and I would NEVER behave this way, and I know that a lot of others would never behave like that either, but i can not comprehend ANY ONE who could behave like that for a Christian holliday.   WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?


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