I am Back!

I am back!  We closed our shopping cart website in tax year 2012 and with it went my blog via wordpress.

I have been working on leather handbags recently - created a soda pop and have had many crazy things happen along the way.  Finding my way back from it all and trying to focus on all the great stuff in my life.

While none of my endeavors have been profitable to date and continue to require capital the market place is ripe to fund my type of projects finally.  Many thanks to the B corp movement for this.  And while family resources are stressed still due to all our losses in the Florida real estate market, we are recovering.  I am recovering as well.

My creative space is currently 1500 square feet and I have finally unpacked all my sewing supplies!

My work really falls into the Arts and Crafts movement space and handwork, handmade products and true entrepreneurship (sp) (wish this had spell check like word press, maybe I just need to turn it all - don't have pc help anymore though..... does anyone say pc anymore I am showing my age!)

Anyway this will be fun and therapy!  Kissses Mo


Mo Quinlan


checkout the B Corp movement - www.bcorporation.net

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