I am a Big Obama fan

 I am a big fan of President Obama. He inherited crisis after crisis and he kept us from sinking into depression. His presidency so far hasn't been perfect but capital hill has been so polarized it was hard for him to get even compromise proposals through. He did, however, pass Obamacare, and a number of environmental initiatives amoung many other achievements. I have a nephew who is a rheumatologist and he is praying that the Supreme Court doesn't strike down key provisions of Obamacare. My nephew says it will be a disaster if it doen't go into effect. And the alternative is very scary. Romney does not believe in human induced climate change. We can't afford a four year term where we  backslide on this important issue for life on our planet. He wants to reverse Roe vs Wade. He definitely wants to repeal Obamacare. He wants to continue and expand tax cuts for the weathiest Americans. I am voting for Obama this fall. What about you?  


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