I am going to f@#$ the sky

Really, I am not making this up, Daniel's principal wrote us a personal letter(Oh joy!) informing our darling terrorist said "I am going to F**** the sky" to his play leaders and appeared angry when saying that. I was like WTF??? Really, we don't use any such words in front of our children. How did he learn them? God only knows! May be from his older peers from the after school program. We had a hard time controlling our laughter though, who would say such a thing? That too from a 6 year old?

We tried to keep a straight face when telling Daniel that he is grounded until the weekend. I was giggling though(of course when Daniel wasn't watching). That boy is like a little sponge taking all the information in, whether good or bad. How do we stop him from hearing swear words from other kids? I have no idea. When we first had Daniel, as first time parents, we had no idea about the parenting challenges we are going to face. We are slowly learning as our little boy grows up.

After we came home, I was helping Daniel to change his clothes. He started giggling all of the sudden. I stopped and asked, "what's so funny Daniel?".

"Mama, what does F@#$ the sky mean?", he asks with his sweet voice. The voice that always manages to melt my heart.