I am the light tyrant

I am the light tyrant.  If you leave the room I will have the light off before you walk back in.  Jason often complains that he "wasn't done in there."  Too bad buddy, if you leave, the light goes off.

I would love for every light to have those timed motioned sensors.  I do see how that could be annoying if we are sitting down eating dinner and the light goes off every 10 minutes.  Although we are not a very "still" family, someone is always gesturing with their hands or standing on their chair.  (The kids, not me or Jason, we're pretty well trained at sitting on our chairs for a whole meal.)

Leilani is pretty good about always turning off the light when she leaves her bedroom or the bathroom, but that skill does not translate to any other rooms.  I can often go through the house and turn off 5 lights that are unnecessarily on.

I blame this obsession on my father.  When I was young I remember him saying something about me being in charge of turning off lights when no one was using that room.  He said something about giving me a commission based on how much the electric bill went down.  I don't think I saw a dime out of that deal.  But it got me into a good habit.

Maybe I'll stop for one month.  You'll drive by at 3 am and ALL the lights in the entire house will be on. (Hey, why are you driving around at 3 am?! You should be in bed!)  I think my family would even sleep with their bedroom lights on, I seem to be the only one who can't do that.

I also used to use this as a method to get people to leave my house.  (My friend Danae loves to tell this tidbit to people :)  I used to get sleepy and people would still be at our house.  So I would just stand up, start turning off the lights, and say good night.  They were welcome to stay up with Jason-the-night- owl, but I was going to bed.

Plus Jason will often come to bed and leave lights on, and I just can't stand lying up in bed, knowing the lights are on downstairs!  I just picture the coins leaving my wallet and going to PP&L every hour.

Anyone else the light tyrant in their house?

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