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We've had a situation going on for about 2 months on our street between my daughter and a new girl. They "tried" to be friends and well, one thing has led to another and the friendship has gotten very toxic. This "friend" would call my phone 12 times with no message. Once, she did leave a message and it was pure harassment. And she's 10!

My daughter defended and and brought the girl in to see me. It was very much like the scene from Godfather. She stood, I sat. She didn't do very much talking. I gave her the what for. Yes, I disciplined her. Why? Why not.

I set rules and boundaries for my kid and I expect her friends to follow them. If they are broken, you will be spoken to about them. Apparently, this has given me the reputation as the "Mean Mom."

I asked my kid what she thought. She looked at me and said "Mom, you give me rules for a reason. You expect me to follow them. You only do it to protect me." Our rules are simple. Use Kind words. Treat others like you want to be treated. Be home at the agreed upon time. There is no begging. If these rules are broken, there will be a consequence. This makes me Mean.

Mom's Secret Weapon

This makes me a GOOD MOM. I have a lot of girls that look up to me as a Mom at the dance studio we go to. Sometimes, you need a mom other than your own to listen to and talk to. I am that Mom. I tell those girls the same things I tell me own kid. And I expect someone too correct my kid if I'm not in earshot. The moms band together.

It's hard being the only Mom on the street who follows through on the rules. So I will keep being the "Mean Mom" and raise a little girl who helps when she's not asked, keeps an eye out of littler kids on carnival rides, holds the door at the store and does what is right.


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