I Am More Than A Mother

I am a mother. It is my job title, my raison d'etre, and it's a never-changing constant in my life. It is not, however, who I am. Motherhood has defined my life, but it is not my identity. I was a person with hopes, dreams, and life goals before having a baby. I laughed at dirty jokes, got into trouble, and went dancing in the rain. Although I have adopted the second name of 'Mom', I still remain the person I was before I did so.

When you stop me on the street to ask how old my son is or strike up a conversation with me about being a parent, just know that I have other interests as well. Yes, my main focus is my child, but I am still a person. I still want and need---possibly even more so now. While I could talk to you about how amazing Piggle is and go on for days about the funny things he does, I'd also like, just once, for someone to ask me how I am. I am more than just a mother.

Too often, mothers are overlooked as the women they were before children and remain still, after them. It's far from fair, and it only makes things harder. We commit ourselves 24 hours a day for the rest of our lives. It's a thankless job, and we wouldn't trade it for the world, but is it too much to ask to still be seen as our own people?

Below is something I threw together, when I was having a particularly me-less day:


Though life I have given, to one far superior to I.
Though all things are now shared, and there is no room for My.
Though my focus has shifted, become all about He.
Though I'll always be Mommy, I still remain Me.


So please, the next time you see a mother out with her children, ask her how her day is going. I promise, it'll make a difference.


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