I Am Nature

    I am a seeker of truth and despite taking the “scenic route” towards truth, it had never occurred to me; I am nature. Over the years and thanks to many masters and teachers I have had a series of profound, life-altering realizations including: I am no-one, (despite my ego’s continuous efforts to convince me otherwise) and that I am no-thing, (which continues to offer an accessible sense of peace). This article refers to a visual presentation, which is my personal attempt to chronicle and elucidate this other equally profound realization, one I had no idea I was looking for. To see it, please visit my website www.maryannlelive.com.
    Nature was something I associated primarily with men; an historical license to roam freely, ravage, and conquer. Being born female may have lent to my misgivings. I learned or was indoctrinated early on that I am a thing, a feminine construct with no connection to raw nature. This conventional orientation ultimately led me deep inside myself, where I felt most safe. A tactical survival mode seized my unconscious reins, leading me to deduce; Nature simply was not safe.
    James Hillman comments on two categories of humans, the moralists and the conquerors; “…but both groups stand apart, forever doing something to, or for or with nature. If you feel yourself to be nature, no different from it, then you simply are like a tree or a squirrel in the tree, and you move along without an attitude of one kind or another.” I was struck not only by the simplicity of his words but by their invitation, a possibility that I had never considered; that I am part of the world, not just an observer.
    This presentation is an invitation, using visual media to see nature through the eyes of a woman awakening to nature. Click HERE to view and witness a few highlights of this awakening. 


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