I Am Not Boring: Quality Link-ups

It's a busy day for Sperk*! I'm featured at The Parent Du Jour and working on my link-ups for Monday Listicles and The Bloggers Dance Off:

If you check out the About tab on this page you’ll find that I have a gift for procrastination.


Before you click About and forget to come back and read this post, I’ll just fill you in:

My perspective is from one home of a two household family that consists of my daughters, Sophia (13) and Antonia (11), my significant other (my girls laugh at that label), and three Chihuahuas.  I am a stay-at-home mom with 13 year tenure, a B.A. in Early Childhood Education, and a gift for procrastination.

Notice I use the word “gift” in describing this disadvantageous character trait.  
Because when I procrastinate, I’m all over the Web reading interesting stuff.  Then, I share it with you.  It’s good, you like it, and I am on a positive-thinking kick.  Also, procrastination brings me the gift of creating new connections via the blogosphere.  As you know, I’m over-the-moon grateful for the bonds made because of Sperk*.
I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge that sometimes procrastination can hinder content creation for Sperk*.  However, I won’t go there.  As I said, I’m on a positive-thinking kick. 
I simply ask you to please understand that due to my over-indulgence in writing postponement, I am working on my planned posts for Monday as you read this.  Ironic.  It’s the busiest Monday for Sperk* ever!  It very well could be the most fun, too.
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