I am not a gluten-free vegan

I am not a gluten-free vegan.  Though, dear readers, that’s not really a surprise, is it?  I haven’t met a piece of seitan (hello, vital wheat gluten) that I didn’t love and nearly all of the bread I make is with wheat or other glutenous flours.


I often receive emails from readers who request that I make more gluten-free recipes and / or to indicate when my recipes are gluten-free.  The truth of the matter is that any gluten-free recipes on this blog are accidental!  When I first started baking bread I complained about how “short” and dense my loaf of Italian Buckwheat Bread came out – and a reader pointed out a I had made a gluten-free bread.

Oops, not on purpose!

In the same why that I explained why so many of my recipes use a rice or pressure cooker, I thought I’d share my thoughts on a gluten-free diet.

Last year I read and reviewed the book Vegan for Life, by Virginia Messina (you know her as Ginny, The Vegan RD) and Jack Norris. Both are registered dietitians. I consider this book my vegan bible.  I’ve learned so much about nutrition and living a healthy, easy, accessible vegan life.  With Ginny’s permission, I want to share their thoughts on gluten-free diets. [click to continue…]

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