I Am NOT Handling This Well At All..

I wrote a blog post about it already on my Mommy Blog, but I am not doing well with the idea of my daughter going to K in the fall. The thought has literally given me a panic attack! My family is telling me I'm crazy, I'll get over it, I'm overreacting, etc. Of course, it is the childless ones that insist all that.

It has been me - all day, every day. I am completely responsible for her emotional, physical and mental well-being. Yes, I am married but before you tell me how 'lucky' I am for having him, I will tell you now he is useless. I'm pretty sure he didn't want a child and made that clear in the worst way possible. When he wasn't working, he was spending time *ahem* "elsewhere". Even when he was home, he was sleeping. I've been on my own.

So as I'm seeing it, I am going from being responsible 24/7 to putting her on a bus at 9:15 am and not seeing here again until around 3:30-3:45 pm. My hands are starting to shake as I keep typing. I have no idea how I am going to do this! The other night, I was told I have "the whole summer to prepare" myself. If the thought is giving me panic already, a summer of envisioning the worst is NOT going to help! Why are the childless ones always so interested in giving me parenting advice? Haha. That's a whole other post right there!

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