I am Not a Lifestyle Blogger

In doing research about how to provide you with a better blog experience, I have come across some criticisms of "Lifestyle" blogs – chiefly that a vast number of them seem to be written by people with perfect homes, perfect clothes, perfect hair, perfect food, and perfect projects. In short, perfect people. Or so they would have us believe… (dun dun DUN!)
I thought I was a lifestyle blogger right up until I read some of these criticisms. Now, don't misunderstand, I am not trying to be a blog snob. I'm not saying I'm not a lifestyle blogger because I think I am in any way better than those who are -- I am saying that what I got, even from the criticisms, was that, to be considered a lifestyle blogger you actually have to have STYLE. I have A style, but I don't really have style in the traditional sense. I can't tell you what is in the mode this season -- I can tell you that a la mode is best with Ben and Jerry's. It's a subtle but real difference.
The chief criticism of these blogs is that they are completely out of touch with the reality that most people live in. You know, the ones where people have problems and dirty laundry. Oh, I don’t mean the figurative dirty laundry – though I suppose that could be true too – I mean actual dirty laundry. As in, those of us who haven’t figured out how to motivate ourselves to actually wash that pile of laundry in the basket (or on the floor). Those of us who wait until we have no regular clean shirts and to somehow muster the energy to put it all in the wash… and hope that we don’t forget it there for a day or two and end up having to run it again.
The secondary criticism of these blogs is that they have a way of making their readers feel bad, like they are somehow inadequate if they don’t know how to make a beautiful wreath out of nothing but twine, cardboard, and tissue paper. “It’s just SO easy!” Meanwhile I have second degree glue gun burns and a husband that wonders how I managed to tie myself to a chair.
Okay, maybe I’m not THAT bad, but the point is that you are highly unlikely to see me posting pictures of my pristine home – unless it is because I want photographic evidence that it was ever pristine. I am not going to tell you how to “change your décor for the season” or “wrap the perfect Christmas present”. In fact, if this blog ever posts a post telling you how to do anything “perfectly” you should probably break out your survivalist gear because there is undoubtedly some alien-zombie hybrid that is infecting people and taking over their brains. Head for a cabin in the woods and start constructing a defensive perimeter immediately.
My life is not perfect – far from it – and I am not here to craft a narrative that convinces you that it is. I am certainly NOT trying to make anyone feel bad. If I ever do, please let me know.


This was originally posted on the blog "I Try: The Additive Property of Happiness". To see the original, please go here


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