I am not Martha: Our Gingerbread Shanty

I think of myself as a pretty creative person, decent at crafting and creating.  Apparently my crafting niche does not extend to the making of gingerbread houses however.  First, I made the icing way too thin, so it took me 3 days and lots of strategic propping to get the house to stand up.  I decided not to even attempt to prop up the chimney, so the kids and I put it aside ate it.  Then, I made the decorating icing too thin so most of our candy decorations were sliding around and creating unintentional icicles.  



So what began as a grand design in my head with our locally made gingerbread pieces ended up as this.



Don't be fooled, those aren't snow drifts or icicles on the front, that is the extra icing that oozed out while the roof was being secured.  And speaking of the roof, the marshmallows on top are covering the giant gap between the two gingerbread pieces.


But I am pretty proud of our coconut snow with pink sprinkles,



And we had fun making it.



Merry Christmas

Alysa is a registered dietitian, personal trainer, crafter, wife and mom.  


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