I am Only a Mother!

It is very difficult to try to be the “perfect” mother. I really do not believe there is one, but I think all mothers still hope and pray they wil attain this goal. What I found out about myself this week is that I am more concerned about how our son behaves in that people will believe it is a reflection of how I am raising him, therefore coming back to judge me and my worth as this “perfect” mother. I try to continually remind him that he is our family representative when he visits friends or goes out in public. I try to tell him that people have a tendency to judge a parent when they see a child behaving (or, misbehaving). It seems a bit unfair as I have found that Yonah has his own personality that I can not change. There are bits and pieces of him that are part of his creation and no training on my part can change these things. This is where his Bible study comes into being an integral part of his upbringing. He loves to read about Joshua, Daniel and now King David. I am glad he is interested in these great men as we see they were all quite human with faults. King David was the perfect example of a man who could have been judged as a man who went astray. I can not find any mention of how people spoke of how he wasn’t raised properly by his parents. When we read of King David, we learn it was HIS personal relationship with God and HIS begging God for forgiveness for his transgressions with his whole heart that lead to his success and ability to be a leader of men. I am a mother. I teach our son, feed him, cloth him and provide a safe and happy environment for him in which to live. I can only do so much as a human being. That is my role as a mother. Any transgressions in our son’s behavior are often judged by others as a reflection of me. I finally realized that it is God who is ultimately in charge of his upbringing. I am merely a guide along a path. So, if you ever see us shopping and watch him jumping onto my cart, trying to do acrobatic moves and see my face turn red with embarrassment, just stop judging me and start praying to our Heavenly Father, who is his true Father and will guide him down the path of life.


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