I am a Person Who Makes Stuff

I decided recently that I am a Person who Makes Stuff.

And so I set out yesterday to make a sleeve for my new ereader. I wanted it to be pink and brown. I wanted two coordinating prints. I wanted a pocket. And a flap. And a button.

And then it dawned on me...this was step one in my journey towards being a radical housewife! This was a feminist pursuit! I was reclaiming so-called "woman's work" and using it as an outlet to express myself: creative, original, anti-consumerist, self-sufficient, eco-friendly. I put on some of my favourite female folk singers (most of whom have names that start with A, for some reason) and jumped right into Making Stuff.

Beautiful patterns, right?

Unfortunately, things rarely go according to plan.  To see my finished product in all its glory, read on.


Stephanie blogs about balance, wellness and learning to love life more deeply at Love Life Project.


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