I am powerful ! And so are you!

OK I'll just put it out there I am powerful, I have strong powers! Yes you heard me right. I believe with all my being that I have powers, in fact I'll take it even further, I think that everyone has powers we just don't realize it. Most times we think that were are powerless. Having no control over anything that happens to us. We go through our day, our week, our month, our, our year, our life, thinking that we cannot do anything to control what is happening to us.  Just stop and listen to how you look at situations.  How many times have you said or heard someone say, I can't do abc because of xyz. Never realizing of course silly you can do what every you want!


I was totally guilty of feeling powerless, living with this negativity lie that I created. Yes me, just me make this big old lie that I proudly carried around for a very long time. I loved this excuse that I that was my footnote to my life.  My excuse, my reason for all that has happened, is going to happen, will ever happen.  Then, I do give credit to my yoga practice and reading many fine books by enlightened scribes, I took a closer look at my life realizing, which was very freeing, I do have control, I do have power! Over and over I saw that when I put a razor sharp focus on what I want I succeed. Illumination!  Major break through, this is a gigantic step! I also discovered the key to unlocking, freeing power is to let fear go. Yes just tell that negative unwanted guest fear to leave. Fear blocks the flow of power from your true self. 


Simple, easy, cool! The secret to releasing you power is no fear. I now know I just  set all my fears aside letting nothing get in my way.  Fear is no longer welcome as an active participant in my life. I say this over and over each day, I am fearless, I am powerful. Repeating this mantra over and over has imbedded my mantra to my true self. I no longer even have to think that I have no fear, that I have powers, I just feel each second that I do.  My mind is so strong that it can do anything!

Yes I am powerful, I have powers!




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