I am in SHOCK over this article.....


I am absolutely in shock over this article that I read today.  It is about an American woman, Irene Villar, who has had multiple abortions, over 15 of them.  She now has two daughters.  Read this article and justify it.  There is absolutely no justification for her actions.

I understand mental illness very well, since I have family members who are bipolar.  However, being addicted to killing a human life, via abortion, simply because you are a) mentally ill and have some kind of OCD regarding pregnancy/abortion and b) are tied to an older man who clearly spelled out prior to the relationship starting, that he was uninterested in family building, is beyond the pale.

I know some people will probably rail at me and say "her body, her baby, her choice".  But 15 abortions in 17 years?  Killing a beating heart?  A living child?  A child someone desperate to parent, would have loved to take into their hearts and home? 

There are laws on the books that people who kill pregnant women are subject to killing the fetus inside too.  So it stands to reason that this woman is criminally insane. 

What reason does she give?  The "high" of being defiant.  Wow.

And then, to top it off, the slap on the face of all women barren and infertile, and men too... who must depend on donor sperm, donor egg, surrogacy, adoption... spend massive amounts of money on infertility treatments or adoption or surrogacy... she goes on to remarry and have two children.

Then writes a book about her addiction and "recovery". 

Her kids must be appalled that she killed off 15 of their half-siblings. 

I won't ever get this mindset.

Nor will I ever get how she was allowed to procreate.  How did God allow children to grow in a womb that had killed off so many other children before the two she finally gave birth to?

I am livid, reading this.  Wow.  I know some people are addicted to being pregnant, like Michelle Duggar.  But to be addicted to abortions and terminating life, willfully?  Whoah.

I had to bring this up.  I just had to.  I know it is a hotbutton issue, and some women who are feminists that are pro-choice will probably say "oh she's just an anti-abortion, pro-adoption lady".  No, I am not.  I am pro-choice.  Yes, even though I am a Christian woman.  I think there are circumstances which totally warrant the termination of life (especially if a woman's life is in danger).

However, this is over the top and ridiculous.  To gain fame and attention for killing children.  You can argue until the cows come home that terminating a fetus isn't killing a child.  From the second I saw the beating hearts of my two sons... these little teeny flickers... no way, is that NOT to be considered human life.  Human life begins the second the sperm zeros in on that egg, the cells form and the heart begins to pump.  Not when the baby is born.







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