I Am Thankful My Daughter Is In Prison

Tiffany and Ethan At The PrisonWhen I tell people my daughter Tiffany is in prison, I normally get an "Oh....I'm so sorry".  I just respond, "Don't be sorry. It's OK....I'm thankful Tiff's in prison." That usually earns me an odd look.

But it's true.

I am very thankful for those weekly 100 mile round trips to the prison to sit in a visiting room crowded with inmates, some who have committed truly unthinkable crimes.

I am very thankful for those phone calls from Tiffany that always seem to come when I am busy doing something else or just don't feel like talking.

I am very thankful for those insane conversations about how bad things are in prison or how weird her "cellee" is.

I am very thankful she was pregnant when she was arrested.

I am very thankful she is in prison so I can now raise  my other grandson Keelen.

I am very thankful she got 70 months.

I can hear it now. "Girl...you have lost your freakin' mind! How can you be thankful for that?"

Well....every week I get see my daughter. I get to hug her and give her a kiss and I get to watch Keelen play games and read stories with his mom.

I get talk to Tiffany almost every night on the phone and Keelen gets to tell his mom about his day.

I get to watch Tiffany grow from a "wannabe" street thug into the amazing woman that I always knew she was with no interest in a life of crime.

I got to watch Tiffany give birth to a healthy baby boy, my second grandchild Ethan and in a selfless act of love give him to an amazing deserving adoptive couple that will raise him to know both his moms.

I know that Keelen is safe and well cared for and gets to have a relationship with both his mom and dad.

It is going to take the full 70 months for Tiffany to break this destructive cycle of drugs and unhealthy men. Plus the brains behind this crime got 136 months. And if the person he assaulted had died, Tiffany could be doing life!! So...WOO HOO only 70 months!!

There are many many parents with children who were traveling down the same path as Tiffany. And they now have to visit their children in the cemetery. So, yes...I am very thankful Tiffany is in prison.

What are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving


The photo above is Tiffany and Ethan on a visit at the prison. 


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