I am Woman... Hear me Roar :)

I experienced something for the first time recently. I have heard several stories about encounters in which women in the work place were not given a fair chance. Either they were not seriously considered for a job opportunity, they were sexually harrassed, they were not trusted to handle a project, etc. The list could really go on forever. But I had still never experienced something like this for myself. I work in a big factory in a somewhat small town. The factory has warehouses and buildings in various states, with the main headquarters being in Wisconsin. Because of the entire factory in my hometown shifting to a new operating system there are several men (high up in the rankings) from Wisconsin that were here helping out with the processes. I had a small encounter with the VP of the entire company. Long story short he did not think I was capable of completing the task I was given in regards to the new system at the same level as a male coworker of mine. I was so offended!! He literally belittled me in front of several coworkers (males that is) simply because I was a female. He didn't know my name, he had no idea how long I had been with company, he didn't know what my position was within the company, nor did he know if I was related to someone with power in the company. This man had a lot of nerve for treating me the way he did! I really think this was the first time I have ever truly felt like I was discriminated against because of  my gender. I wasn't quite sure how to respond to what had happened but I was able to gracefully defend myself by saying, Don't ever underestimate a woman :) He wasn't quite sure what to say and that's exactly what makes me smile about it all. I think we as women do face oppression in various ways in the work place but it is important to gracefully display the good, beneficial characterstics that we posses. Remaining confident in our strengths definitely gives us a leg up in this crazy male dominated world :)