I Ask if You can Felt Acrylic Yarn and Pay the Price

Last week I went on a crochet bender and whipped up a bunch of stuff I had never really thought of before. I also got curious about whether you could felt acrylic and was really disappointed by the search results. While I quickly caught on to the fact that the answer was more than likely no, the websites I went to were full of the sort of nasty sarcasm that finds itself terribly clever and leaves you wishing you could just find a straight shooter to answer a question. 

New people are taking up fiber arts every day and many of them are unwilling or unable to use animal fibers. They have questions. They need answers. Wouldn't it be nice if they could look things up and know that they won't get a face full of unnecessary snark? Yes, yes it would be. 

Luckily when I asked the question on Twitter, the lovely Basia took the time to not only answer, but to explain why the answer was no, which I really appreciated. Here is what she said: Acrylic fibers don't have a cuticle like animal hair (wool). Felting happens when the cuticles interlock through agitation. 

See? That is an answer that is both informative and helpful! Bear in mind that even though you may know every fiber content in the world and why it does or doesn't work, that not everyone else does. If you have answers, share so you can become a resource people refer to. And respect.

Want to see pictures of what I've making? Check them out here!







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