I Ate Soup for BlogHer and I Survived

As you may know, I Do Not Like Soup.

Which might lead you to wonder why in the heck I just finished a bowl and a half of soup. I did it for BlogHer.

On January 10, I posted the I Do Not Like Soup post on my Facebook wall and complained about the picture the editorial team chose for my post. I was kidding around, really. Just having fun. But then I went to the BlogHer Facebook page and noticed we needed 50 more fans to hit the 10K mark. So I went back to my wall and told my friends that if they had not previously "LIKED" BlogHer and clicked the "Like" button now, I'd eat one spoon of soup for each new "Like".

I know, right? I do this kind of thing for companies I love and communities I care about. I might not have done it if I'd realized that some of my co-workers were going to rally the masses and get a zillion more people to "Like" BlogHer so I'd have to drown in soup.

Oh who am I kidding, I'd have done it anyway.

TW made Spinach Tortellini and I ate it. There's proof.


And photos

And now my stomach hurts. I really, really do not like soup.

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