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Searching the internet to see if I could find anyone else using the "I" band (Integrative band) in the way I learned through Hans Laxholm's system in ballroom dancing.  There are articles and videos on how to use it as an exercise tool (resistance band), but not really as an integrative ("I") tool.  Hans Laxholm is an international champion ballroom dancer and coach of other international champions.  He developed a system using the band that integrates the body from the inside to outside.  It helps you understand how to connect your core out through your extremities, so you are acting and reacting from a true place inside.  As a partner sport, the more you understand how your own body works and how to connect it for consistent action then you are better able to listen and connect/react to the actions of your partner.  Through a series of exercises alone and/or timed with a partner, you discover an inner wisdom that can be used in other sports.  The trainers who I have worked with since learning this in my dancing world have been intrigued and amazed by the quick coordination and fluid movement I maintain while assimilating new exercises.

Hans and Anne Laxholm

Hans has created the system starting with the breath and working out to the fingertips, toes, and top of the head.  The idea was that the two being would breath together rather than unite as two rigid structures holding their shape by outward resistance.   All actions move through this sequence and return, so there is always an engagement phase and relaxation phase within the action of each movement.    The preparation phase is the engagement and the activation phase becomes the relaxation phase.  Most of the time, it is the other way around which leads to injuries and fatigue.

There is a book and video available if you would enjoy looking at the system in more detail, but be reminded that it was created for ballroom dancers.  Hans has a great sense of humor and philosophical wisdom that he weaves through the video as well.

PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE OF BALLROOM DANCING: JANUARY 2007: A DVD is produced by Hans in co-operation with William Pino & Alessandra Bucciarelli called "Past, Present and Future of Ballroom Dancing". The DVD features 16 exercises developed from the book, and also a CD with the music used for the exercises.

The DVD is available from WRD Music London, DanceVision USA, Casa Musica Germany

About Hans & Anne LaxholmHans and Anne are both Danish, and started dancingwhen they were ... and Alessandra. Hans & Anne winning the European in Denmark 1979

uk.danceacademy.s-11.dk/?pid=28 - Cached


* A special thank you to Max Sinitsa, professional ballroom dance coach and student of Hans, for spending 2 years introducing, developing, and manifesting the results of the system in a dance competition with me.

Here are the more traditional ways the bands are used.

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