I Broke Up with Bread

I have a wheat allergy!  It’s not big deal I just can’t eat a single thing I grew up eating.  So, it has taken me approximately 365 days to acknowledge my wheat allergy and get a grip on it. 

I tried stopping cold turkey “sandwich” which is just the way I “half ass” my way through life.  When that didn’t work I cried.

I tried only buying “gluten free” foods.  Less than yum!  I got heartburn and almost threw up a few times that lasted a whole week.  I again cried.

I tried juicing – no gluten in juice right?  Woman cannot live on juice alone – I cried again.

It has taken a year of tragedy and failure! This is my first week (not weak) completely gluten free – without crying!!  I found the things I already liked (that were gluten free) and made a plan.  I planned dinner and lunch.  I bring seeds and nuts to work and I never buy anything that says GLUTEN FREE on the package – by the way Chocolate is gluten free so there’s that!!!

If you are struggling – remember I have cried enough for the both of us.  Take each meal at a time.  Don’t give yourself a chance to get hungry because we all make BAD decisions when we are hungry :D

Take Care – Dear Friend



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