My Mother a Sex Trafficker? Technically, yes.

Over the past few years I have been sharing my story with the world.  I’ve talked about my experiences with abuse in all shapes and forms, domestic violence, childhood trauma, special needs parents, and most recently, I wrote about my mother and how she set up some of the worst moments of my life.  My mother has sent me into situations where I was abused and she got things like a sofa, a bill paid or fees dropped and it all began at the tender age of 12.  

Last year I was approached by a wonderful organization called Child Rescue.  They are trying to stop human trafficking right here in America by getting people informed of what is going on in their own backyards, that it is okay to speak up and be a voice of strength to others.  I was the subject of one of the profiles they filmed a few months ago.  Child Rescue wanted to show  other girls/women out there that it is possible to get past and move on from being victimized.  Life can still be amazing.  We can still find love in the arms of a good man.  We can  still make ourselves a life worth living.  It is never to late to live happily ever after.

That was my short 2 minute message and although I tried a few times to talk with my mother about doing the profile and I wanted to give her one last chance to explain herself or her actions but she refused.   The film was just about ready to come out when my dear estranged mother and my brother-in-law decided to go after Child Rescue.  They did not say a word when, over a year ago,  I began to post the same stories about my life on my blog, or when they were published on other sites like BlogHer.  There is not just one incident, there are a few times my mother betrayed me in horrific ways.  But this is not about the facts, my telling the truth or doing what is right and bringing a voice to a worthy cause.   I believe my mother and those assisting her see dollar signs.  I believe if they were challenging the facts, they would have come after me personally long ago, but they are not doing that.  They have chosen to threaten all kinds of retaliation including pricey lawsuits, and have declared that they will seek damages against these wonderful people who just wanted to be a force for good.  They are trying to bully Child Rescue.

I have no doubt my mother is not happy to be compared to sex traffickers but the truth is that anyone who trades goods, services or money in return for the sexual exploitation of another is considered a trafficker.  Sometimes the truth hurts and it makes us mad.  Mad and hurt, like when I found out the truth about the time I was sent by my mother to be with a man when she knew had a thing for her twelve year old daughter, in return for a sofa set.  Yeah, that kind of mad, that kind of hurt.  Except mine is justified, and I will not pretend it didn't happen.  I didn't get mad and call attorney's, I got mad and decided to do what I can to make sure no other daughters, feel that kind of hurt.

Although I, and countless others can back up and support every word I said, the cost of fighting their accusers in court is a big deal.  I don’t want the money that should be spent on helping victims and educating women and children to go to an attorney, fighting a ridiculous charge which can easily be proven false.

Maybe if Child Rescue realized just how much support they have from women everywhere, they will call the bullies bluff.  The truth of the matter is that this sort of bullying is just like the way young women are threatened into sex trafficking.  In most cases of abuse, girls are threatened and scared of talking.  They lose their power to fight back with every muffled cry for help. 

Help me send Child Rescue support in fighting the bullies of the world.  Join me in saying that we will not be bullied into silence.  We will strap on our armor because we are ready to fight if necessary.  Help me send a message of hope, strength and support to all the victims out there.  Supporting someone or something, basically means saying “Don’t be afraid, I’ve got your back”.   I think it’s time we say the same thing right back to them…. “Child Rescue, don’t back down. We’ve got your back.”

Please comment below or leave your name so I can pass your voice of support to the amazing people at Child Rescue. Check out Child Rescue on Facebook  or pass this along to your friends and family and lets get the word out that we will not sit back and do nothing.  We will do what it takes to stop Human Trafficking. And we will NOT be bullied.    

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