I Came, I Saw, I...........

....was a complete idiot! So, as you know I went to the Sleep is For The Weak book signing on Saturday. Despite the threat of Hurricane Ike wreaking havoc in The Big D (well, Plano to be exact), it wasn't that bad- or bad enough to keep me away! From my last post you probably sensed my excitement. I mean, to meet one of the authors, more specifically Jennifer Satterwhite, (who's blog Mommy Needs Coffee is on my "Sites I Stalk" list) is a pretty major deal for me! I am just so in awe and full of admiration for these women who blog, and pour out their hearts and souls, to gratify our need for "realism" and describe their social conditions as they actually are, without idealization or a grand presentation.
I started out on my book signing mission pretty impressed with myself that I was able to finagle a hectic schedule that day in order to make it in time. This "schedule"- better described as a "fly by the seat of my pants mission" comes complete with a children's birthday party - earlier that day, a drive back to my friends house - with four little girls in tow, wrap up a successful party - of which the guest of honor was most pleased, put my kids down for a nap - well, almost...Daddy had to finish the job, drive through pretty heavy rains and a veritable amount of Dallas traffic, only to arrive at Barnes & Noble - in the nick of time!
I walked in the door looking like a "hare-brained mess" (to quote one of the entries in this book) and there sat our author, cool as a cucumber with that familiar smile I have seen over an over on her blog. Her smile was welcoming and friendly, OR just trying to be polite to the strange woman standing inside the entrance wet with rain and a big, stupid grin on her face. I only stood there for a moment before forging ahead to her table. My mind was spinning, trying to think of something poignant to say. Nothing came to mind, of course. I think I resorted to talk about the weather. The weather! I know.......that's what I thought, too. The minute I got back to my car, after having probably one of the most speechless moments of my life (and anyone who knows me KNOWS I am rarely - if ever-speechless), I realized I did not even compliment her on her blog, her contribution to this great book, previous accomplishments, or any other such accolades.

As I sat there in my car with rain pouring down on my windshield it occurred to me that I should go back in one more time. Not just that I needed another go at it, as I never even told her who I was or that I enjoyed her blog very much, but that I also decided after a quick thumbing through of the book how much my girlfriend (I was staying with) would enjoy a signed copy of the book as well. I went back in, got my book, had a semblance of a more normal conversation I suppose, and left.....kicking myself the whole way home that I Came, I Saw, I Forgot my camera.

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