I can do all things with Christ!

Yesterday evening my son arrived at the base where he will be doing his basic training. I would imagine today was filled with lots of paperwork and standing in line and waiting his turn to be able to fill out more paperwork.  I am so very proud of him – he decided to join the army and he did everything they asked him to do so he could be sure to be able to go.  Every time we would talk I had more questions and he would find out the answers so the next time we talked he had the answers I needed.  He has lost a bunch of weight and is very proud of himself!  

I am very proud of him but have been a basket case for the last couple of days.  And why have I had such anxiety?  I don’t really think something bad is going to happen to him – he is ready and will do very well.  He is very smart and I am not feeling like he won’t make it through.  I am already in the process of buying my tickets to be able to fly there.  It is worth it to me to make the flight- I have not been flying anywhere because I am a very large woman and will have to buy two seats instead of just one.  This is pretty embarrassing. Not to mention when I was talking to my Mom about the trip she was thinking I may need to look into a wheelchair to help with the walking through the airports.  Oh now that was an eye opener!  Surely I don’t need to have a wheelchair- I will make sure I can walk as far as needed.  Just another wake up call to make myself see how far I have let myself go!  I can not believe it has gotten this bad – I will say this is the last time I will have to buy two seats when I fly.  There is going to be even more changes in my choices from now on- and I am stepping up the exercise as well.  I am getting a handle on this and have made large strides so far but have more room to grow.  I also need to remember that this did not happen over night and the changes will not happen over night either.  

I wonder how much of a change I can make in the time I have left before my trip.  I will still need to buy two seats but I can make sure I can walk as far as needed and enjoy the walk as well. 

 Philippians 4:13

I can do everything through him who gives me strength. 

God is on my side and will help me get the results needed to make this trip! I am thanking him for the favor in the market place and the provisions he is providing to make it possible! 

 In the mean time I am making plans for when after my son graduates and he comes here to visit between boot camp and when his school starts.  He will be here for Christmas – something that has not happened for several years.  I have a list of things I need to purchase between now and then!  This is going to be the best time!!  Life is so good!

 I am praying for you!

Miss Wanda 

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