I Can Finally Enjoy the Land of Pickles and Ice Cream!

We flippin' did it: we made a baby!  Bring on the bowls of pickles and ice cream to celebrate.  Just bring them in separate bowls.  I don't like it when my food touches.


BUT: How could we be pregnant if we had a negative pregnancy test on Valentine's Day?  Well, it turns out that false negatives can happen the same way false positives do.  I had my normal period symptoms: cramps, breaking out like I'm 15, pants not buttoning because of bloating.  So when I had (yet another) negative test, I wasn't terribly surprised.  I figured the Amazonian pygmies were staging another attack on my uterus.


Well, my period never came.  I woke up the morning of the 16th ready to spit nails.  I needed an answer: either have a period or have a positive.  It's way lame to have no period and a negative.  I decided to take another home pregnancy test…at 5:00am.


That's when it happened.  A  v e r y  f a i n t  plus sign appeared.


Holy shit, a plus sign?!?  I don't pee plus signs!  I needed a second opinion.  There was a very real chance I put my contacts in the wrong eyes and wasn't seeing it correctly.  That, or I was hallucinating.  I ran to wake Michael.


"Does this look like a plus sign to you?"


"What?  Huh?  Let me see…"  He stares at my pee stick with his sleepy eyes.  "I think it is!"


We hugged and kissed and screamed in our PJs.  Our joy was met with anxiety and lots of "now we have to…" plans and ideas.  While I readied myself for work and double-checked my contact lenses, Michael made me our first "We're Going to Be Parents" breakfast.  We were riding high.


But I wasn't going to buy what this pregnancy test was selling until I had a confirmation from the NP.  I vowed to call her after work.  She was incredibly excited for us and scheduled me for the next day.  Patty, my favorite nurse, was the one to draw a blood specimen.  She proclaimed her excitement when she saw the paperwork to test my hCG levels.


The positive from the doctor's office was confirmed Friday, 18 Feb. 2011 at 4:30pm.  I had hounded the doc's office all day, only getting a busy signal.  But when I finally got through, Patty answered and squealed with delight as she told me the good news.  What made the moment even more special was the fact I was with two very close friends/co-workers when I received the news: Tamara and Tamela.  They have dubbed me their love child (OCD like Tamara--my "mom", a smart-ass like Tamela--my "dad"), so they started going through a list of "grandparent" nicknames they wished to be called.  What an incredibly happy moment.


So for the FIRST time in 20 months of trying to conceive, I present to you: V. Dub, pregnant woman.

V. Dub