I can no longer cook, or clean

I now understand stay-at-home moms who don't cook, don't clean, who buy prepared foods, who hire a cleaning service. 

Cooking for children (who don't eat what I make), cleaning a house (that gets destroyed as I clean) has left me totally unmotivated to cook or clean.

Mind you, I still do both. I'm too cheap not to. I just get no joy out of making a meal or taking care of my house. Fortunately, my husband loves to cook, so he does the big, planned meals and new recipes.  I do the "we-have-to-eat-something" meals. Besides, 3 out of 5 weeknights one of the kids has some sport or meeting that prevents sitting down to a real meal anyway. 

I still do most of the cleaning, but I refuse to do it on "my time." (i.e. the few hours a day the kids are all at school.) I clean on weekends, and sometimes rope someone into helping me. I'd give the house a B- for clean. Oddly, my home was much cleaner when I worked full-time, in part because the house wasn't occupied as much, in part because back then cleaning was a break from work.

I know SAHMs who actually plan and make a nice sit-down dinner every day, and who have dustless, clutterless homes. I'm impressed. Where go you fall?


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