I cannot find my pants (size)


Lately, I've noticed that my pants size is becoming extinct in stores.

Really? Size 12s becoming extinct? Yes it's true, and no that's not crazy talk.

I've never had trouble finding size 12 pants in stores I frequent because few people wear it. And I'm okay with that because I feel like the store is stocking it JUST for me :)

But now the laws of supply and demand have shifted because size 12s are selling out fast.

For example, a few weeks ago, I went to JCrew to pick up some pants as a treat and couldn't find my size, so I had to talk to the sales assistant. First, she tried to convince me that I wore a smaller size. Yes, it's sweet, but when she persisted, even after telling her I've worn these pants before, thus knowing my size, I got a little annoyed. Please don't make me scream out loud that I'm bigger than a size 10, it doesn't make me feel great.

Finally, she "believes" me and enters that code into the computer to see what other stores have it. After a few minutes, she tells me that ALL JCrew locations nationwide are sold out of a size 12 in the pants I wanted.

I was totally stunned.

"Yeah our size 12s sell really fast lately. We get them in and they're gone right away."

"Maybe that's because size 12s or normal sizes are what most people wear instead of zero or double zero, which I see you have a full sale rack of."

Okay, that was a little rude, but I was perturbed that I had to buy them online and pay for shipping.

At another store, I couldn't find the usually untouched size 12s and was told they are considered "special" or "extended" sizes, which are stocked more online.

That's right, she called them "special sizes." My size does not need to ride the short bus.

And since when is size 12 is considered "extended?" I call that normal! I'm not ashamed at the size I wear and lately, while my size is popular, I see tables full of sizes double zero through four that haven't been purchased. Doesn't it make sense to balance that out a bit? The demand is for sizes 10 and up, maybe...you should stock more of those?

What about you? Do you have trouble finding your size in stores or have you noticed that it's easier to find things online?


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