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My Transformation

We all have excuses, we all have lives, we all have unexpected things come up that run us and wear us down, we all have bills to pay and mouths to feed, but I've found if you don't take care of yourself NOW you will pay for it and so will your family! 

Growing up I was small and petit...after I left high school I was no longer working out and still had my wonderful high school eating habits of eating whatever the crap I wanted. In college I struggled with self respect and didn't care much for myself or my health and it showed, I gained over 50 lbs throughout my college career and hated my body which in return made me hate myself. I'm only 4'11 and stopped weighing myself at 180lbs, so not real sure how heavy I actually got. I remember friends trying to convince me by saying "your not fat", "your beautiful the way you are" while I love them and I know their words were meant to help it wasn't what I needed, I needed my health and I needed someone dragging me to the gym or outside to work out and help me change to my true potential....but no one is at fault for not doing that because I know for a fact I was full of excuses then too!!! My last year at school I got extremely sick, they tried diagnosing me with all kinds of GI problems from Crones to Gluetin allergies, but it wasn't any of those things...my body was simply breaking down and rejecting the processed foods, lack of exercise and excessive lack of sleep. 

Fast forward a few years, after I left school I found out I was pregnant and I was very single....that is a whole story in and of itself but mostly resulted from me not respecting myself and trying to find love in all the wrong places. After I had my son who is 4 now, I dropped 40lbs just by nursing him and I only gained 12lbs during pregnancy so a lot of that was my pre pregnancy weight falling off...it felt great, was my diet any different??? Some but still eating way more then I should. So I drop the weight and after ending a year of nursing it all started packing back! WHAT THE CRAP!!!! I went right back to 183lbs for about a year. I remember sitting on my parents couch, unhappy with my body, a single mother, and just ate some awesome homemade biscuits and gravy as I watched TV good ole Jennifer Hudson popped up talking about Weight Watchers...downloaded the app and paid my fee and decided this was it!! Rough first day since I used most of my daily points on breakfast...lol! 3 months later I had dropped 30lbs and it felt awesome. 

I'm not advertising Weight Watchers even though it helped kick start my transformation, I did start working out doing programs like Zumba and Insanity and realized the diet plan they had wasn't helping with recovery so I added more protein from Visalus to my clean diet and that did the trick. 

I have lost 48lbs in the last few years! I weigh 135lbs now and still have 15lbs to go...my point in all of this is to show its not overnight, it does take up time in your day, but it impacts everything you do from doing more, having more energy, self respect, raising your kids to respect themselves and what health is about. IT'S AN EVERYDAY DECISION TO BE A BETTER YOU! 

Do I struggle, yes....BUT it has been easier to get back up because I see potential in myself, and yes my husband sometimes has to almost push me out of the bed for me to get up and do my work out but afterwards I'm always so grateful. 

We all have things pulling on us, but being the best you requires your health to be in check...don't start a program for instant results, and if you don't get them shutting down. Start setting goals, and use programs to help you meet those goals...because YOU are worth it!!


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