I can't do this

Adanna couldn’t see how her father could afford such a ship’s ticket.  For the ship was three times the size of any ship she had see when he would take her to the ocean shore and watch the cruise liners pass by.  She walked up the gangplank, stops and stood upon the ship.

            For the first time in her life Adana was out of her element. It was fine when she was with her father or her friends.  She at least had someone to lean on, someone she could talk to, now she was alone.

She looked towards one end of the ship to the other and saw no one.  She turned around towards her father giving him a shrug. Cupping his hands to his face he began to yell.

            “What?” Adanna repeated his actions.

            Each time he shouted it was as if the wind came and took his words away.  She had no choice, she would exit off the ship and walk around it until she found some other way to getting on where someone would greet her.  She placed her foot back upon the gangplank.  The waving of his hands and slight jumping let her know it was the wrong thing to do. There were several doors, where they lead she didn’t know, but she had to do something besides stand there.  What would happen if the ship took off and no one found her?

Leaving her bag, Adanna tries the first door to find it lock.  Down a few steps she tries the second door. Opening it she was surprise to see that all it lead to was another door. Which she was not too surprise to see that it too was lock.

She hurried back to the gang plank.  If her father came on board he could help her find her way around such a large ship.  Getting her father’s attention she waved him to join

her.  Softly he shook his head no.  Even from the distance she could see the fear rush across his face.

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