I. Can't.Write.

I haven't posted here since August 22nd. You'll have to do the math yourself, people. In that time I have gone from one desperate funk to another, fueled by coffee and tears and multiple batches of monster cookies. One funk was related to the college boy's return to dorm life,

Oh, geez. Nobody (me included) wants to read my everlasting list of ongoing funks.

want to write. Like exercise, taking more than 24 hours off of writing makes it very hard for me to begin again. It's as if I tumbled off the wagon in my sleep and then turn around to find that I have become a Lilliputian and the wagon I thought was mine actually belongs to Gulliver. The climb is so high, so hard, that I take just one more day off, you know, to renew my strength. The next day comes and I find that I am smaller still. The wagon bed is higher and harder to get to. It's so far away! Maybe I can climb up using the wheel. I shimmy up one spoke, thinking good and happy thoughts, I can do this! I can do this! I have a splinter! The splinter hurts! I fall back down and nurse my wound, which is really the failure of having not written again. Three days now, maybe four. A kind of despair sets in. Maybe I'm not a writer. Maybe I'll never write again. Maybe...maybe I never had anything to say in the first place.

I suck.


Woe is me.

And on it goes.

And then. Then something happens. It could be any number of things, but in this case the thing that happened is that someone prayed for me. Fueled by that prayer, I sit down, "butt in chair," as Anne Lamott says, and write. It doesn't even have to be much. It's that first walk around the block, the one where you remember how good it feels to move and stretch and feel the sunlight on your face. The one where you know you can do this thing. The one where you think,

I'm back.

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