I Cleared Mastitis Naturally!!

For those of you who mayn't know, mastitis is a terrible terrible infection to have. When one breastfeeds, it's essential that you not get too full and keep your nipples clean and moisturized, else you may get clogged ducts and/or mastitis. I also have oversupply, so keeping my breasts from becoming engorged is a balancing act. Since I've been at it for over a year now, I mainly just keep to block feeding. Rarely though, even block feeding will fail me. Or rather, Baby Boy and I fail each other by rushed nursing sessions, extended time between nursing, and/or too much distraction/playing while nursing. Recently, a combination of all three factors led me to having a clogged duct.

To make matters worse, we were on the road. And when I mean "on the road", I mean headed back home from visiting family and attending a wedding (post and pictures to come) many, many miles and hours from home. I felt an inkling that I might be getting a clogged duct before we stopped at a state park to hang out and take some pictures. I pumped out a couple ounces, which didn't help as much as I'd hoped. By the time we got to the park, I knew I was in for a difficult journey home. Good thing, Hun was rested enough that he could drive the whole way. Once at the park, I tried to pump more, I tried to get Baby Boy to nurse. None of that was happening. I was really starting to hurt.


It was simple enough really. Once I got my fever under control and could both move and think better. Alternating warm and cool compresses. Taking extra vitamin C, (mostly) raw garlic, raw potatoes, water, massage, nursing, and rest. There are other methods, but thank goodness these worked for me and we didn't need to get any pharmaceuticals, nor did I even need to get phytolacca (a homeopathic remedy). So how exactly did I put all these things together?

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