I confess: I Love Antioxidants!

After years as a sun worshipper, I am now happily reformed. But, oh my poor skin.  I am so sorry collagen, I was foolish in my youth.  

Antioxidants, you will be my savior.  SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF is my favorite. Now, to be totally transparent, I have to admit I got it for free.  I actually read about it in Allure, and secretly wanted it.  So when my husband brought home that little blue box for me, I couldn’t have been more excited.  (Although if he brought me home something from Tiffany, I’d have been pretty happy too.)  

Every morning (well, sometimes every other morning) I put the gel on before my sunscreen.  My husband thinks I am delusional in general, but in this case my skin really does look brighter.  One bottle lasted me about six months.  And to my delight, as soon as I have pumped out the very last drop, I have another box waiting for me.  

Maybe this will help me push off a Fraxel treatment?   Nah, I will probably get one of those too,  one day..


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