I confess, I peaked

Upto seven months after we broke up, I checked The Ex’s email.

Yeah, I’m not particularly proud of this one but I KNOW (like really
someone else has told me they’ve done this as well) that I’m not the
only one who has checked their Ex’s email. I mean is it really the most
horrible thing in the world? Well okay besides the invasion of privacy
and i’m sure it’s probably breaking a law in some state (hmm…) but
c’mon, if you had the password, wouldn’t YOU check it?

I don’t know how he didn’t know that I had his password. I mean, he
gave it to me while we were together but he never bothered to change
it. Until seven months after we broke up…and I have a feeling he sort
of figured it out, but eh, he never mentioned it.

To preface this, we did end the relationship on good terms, knowing
that right now was just not the right time for us and that maybe in the
future we would find ourselves both single and able to fall in love

Since we sort of ceased contact, it was an outlet for me to find out
what was going on in his life. We didn’t really share any mutual
friends (well ok, they were all HIS friends but that’s another post),
so I had no way of knowing what was going on in his life unless I was
snooping. I did find out about other girls, but that part didn’t really
hurt me. In fact, I was happy for him. But what did hurt, was when he
called me dumb or talked bad about me to his friends. I realize it was
hard for him, but we were such close friends for such a long time, we
practically grew up together, so it was hard to see him say these
things about me. I don’t think I ever spoke bad about him to anyone, on
the contrary, I always said how wonderful he was and I wish we could
have made it work. But I know that I hurt him deeply by dating someone
else extremely too soon after we broke up (yeah I’m not proud of that

This was a major character flaw on my behalf but you know, it’s hard to let go sometimes.

What do you need to confess?



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