I Conquered My Cheney Challenge and a Bowl of Salad

Where Dick Belongs

HEAR ME ROAR!!!!! I DID IT!!!! No smart ass child of mine is going to best me!!!!  I listened to ALL seven discs of Dick Cheney's, In My Time.  It was as awful as I thought it was going to be, the man expressed no remorse, no self doubt and in the face of overwhelming evidence, is incapable of changing his mind.

What disappointed me the most, and why I don't read political memoirs, I wanted to hear how and why he developed his staunchly conservative, belief system. Why he is essentially a warmonger, why he blamed.....enough already.

Can you believe my daughter tried to challenge me read a book written by Bill Clinton....do you think she wants send me around the bend?


On a happier note, I harvested my first bowl of salad greens!


Salad Green from My Garden

This year I'm going to keep track of how many pounds of veggies I harvest from my garden. Most years I estimate 300-400 pounds (I grow a ridiculous amount of potatoes) but I'm curious to see how accurate I am.



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